Mesh networking illustration

Low-energy wireless mesh networks

Logiblock developed and maintains a mesh-networking technology that is designed to run concurrently with the Bluetooth Low Energy stack on chips from Nordic Semiconductor. Our system is built on a well-known commercial protocol and operates concurrently with the Bluetooth Low Energy stack. Our proprietary high-level mesh-forming, auto-balancing and packet routing logic demonstrates effective, reliable communication that consumes under 20µA per graph edge at 10-meter edge radius.

Concept: Invisible networks

A properly-designed mesh network can make a product appear to operate magically.

Mesh networks are a special kind of network with unique characteristics and design constraints. While they don't need to interoperate with third-party routers or smartphones, mesh networks need special attention to make set-up easy which maintains a great user experience for the product.

Logiblock's mesh-networking is designed to auto-assemble and auto-balance a network with no user interaction required. See the introduction for why this is important.

Concept: Introduction to mesh networks

Many conventional networks operate in a 'star' topology (USB, BLE, Wi-Fi.) The Internet itself is a type of mesh network.

A mesh network is a network topology in which multiple nodes are sparsely connected to various other nodes, the number of which is called its 'degree'.

In low-energy wireless mesh networks, 'assembly' refers to devices discovering one another and forming a network, and 'balancing' describes creating and breaking links so that connections between nodes are evenly distributed.

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