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Embedded Wi-Fi

Logiblock specializes in embedded low-power Wi-Fi, particularly in combination with Bluetooth Low Energy and mesh networking technologies.

Logiblock recommends Broadcom WICED for Wi-Fi implementations.

Platform: Broadcom BCM43362/43340 IC

The Broadcom 43362 Wi-Fi chip is used by the Particle Photon and the Electric Imp. The Broadcom 43341 is used by the Apple watch.

Logiblock has experience implementing solutions based on the Broadcom BCM43362 and BCM43340/43341 Wi-Fi network processor ICs. These powerful chips lie at the heart of many battery-powered connected devices and facilitate fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Moreover, Broadcom's WICED software stack - coupled with Logiblock expertise - enables fast, accurate connected application software.

We have worked with both the bare silicon die and system-in-package variants from integrators like muRata and USI. Ask us about the right configuration for you.

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