Logiblock makes tools that make electronics easier for both hobbyists and professionals.

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Galago Rapid-development system

Galago fits a debugger, powerful features and performance in a tiny format to instantly improve your electronic projects.

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With Galago, your projects are

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Logiblock IDE

Logiblock IDE

An open-source, cross-platform development tool for Galago that supports source-level debugging.

You can pause, inspect and modify your projects running on Galago to debug them.

It's also much easier to learn and use than other debug-capable development tools.

Great for Professionals

Galago helps you build and ship products faster too. Featuring an open and flexible design, low BOM cost and a surface-mount option, Galago is designed to shorten time-to-market for small teams with big ideas.

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App Boards

Logiblock App Boards for Galago are pre-built accessories to accelerate project development.

Plug Galago in and and focus on what makes your project unique and special.

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