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Every product is unique, requiring special attention to component selection, low-energy design trade-offs and software architecture choices. Because Logiblock offers a spectrum of disciplines spanning electrical and software engineering, we are best-qualified to develop the best integrated solution for your needs.

Concept: Hardware and software, iterated together

“People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.”

Alan Kay, 1982

Logiblock knows the best way to design anything is to iterate - this holds true for both arts and engineering. We are committed to remaining agile in our design iterations, capitalizing on today's rapid-prototyping technologies to keep cycle times short and never compromise for inertia.

We take this philosophy a step further by designing and iterating hardware and software as one. For example if a change of pin-assignment can reduce energy consumption, decrease code size or improve performance we will not hesitate to prototype, implement and verify, across teams, often within the same hour. Likewise, if a software discovery allows us to reduce component count, we will prototype and recommend the change immediately, rather than leaving it for version 2.0.

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